Mutual Fund managed by the power of a DAO

Using the Blockchain to create a shared Economy, Wealth and Ownership.

DeFi through Blockchain

Decentralised Finance is made possible by Blockchain Technology.It empowers Individuals to be their own Bank. Money earned by the Individual can be put to work in an innovative way thus creating more wealth and financial freedom .


Decentralised Autonomous Organisations or short DAOs ,work by proposing and voting on different Projects.Proposals come from within the community which forms the DAO.


A  White Paper is essential for a DAO  as it reflects the goal and purpose of its existence.

About us:

We are Blockchain Enthusiasts.

We simply see the positive changes this Technology can bring to the World if it is used in the right way.

Simpler, Smarter, Faster

With no Pyramid shaped Leadership Structure a DAO can function more efficient,fully transparent and highly secure.

Meet some of our early members:

Arthur Fleischer

Blockchain Enthusiast and a Believer in true Decentralisation,Arthur studied Economics and Engineering in Munich,Germany.Well educated in the Financial System,Sociology and Human Behaviour ,he's the right Person to start and take this Project to its achievable goals.

Florin Vranceanu

Florin is a well renowned Lawyer.He is leading his own Law Firm. Among his clients are Industrial Holdings but also small to medium sized Businesses .He will represent the DAOs interest before third parties such as Local Authorities,Government, Regulators.

Toma Adrian

Adrian has recognised the power of real Decentralisation early and has committed himself to Blockchain Technology, its development, and its adoption.He worked as a Project Manager, translator and bounty manager.

Sylvester Anichebe

An open-minded crypto enthusiast who believes in being part of a cohesive team that functions quickly and effectively can, benefit the crypto community and foster growth and overall development of the crypto space.