DeFi has become the “Scarecrow”of Financial Institutions. Why ? To answer this question one has to know how Finance works. For simplicity reasons we will give you one simple example:

You have a friend in a foreign country and you want to send a certain amount of money for his birthday gift.In USD.

Let’s say 100USD?

You make a transfer from your Bank account and that was it.>

After 2-3 days your friend receives the money but to his astonishment he got only 90 USD.

What happened ??

The Middle Man, in our case the Bank, took a share of your hard earned money for the only reason that he can.

You use his service and you have to pay what he considers to be payed.

Transaction costs, exchange from USD to whatever currency your friend is using and other fees.

And now:Your Bank, Your Money

If you would have used a cryptocurrency your friend would have received the amount in seconds, and the transaction cost would have been nothing to zero. You would have cut out the Middle Man, you would have become your own Bank and you would have saved a lot of resources. This applies to Lending, buying Shares in a Company or even for a Hotel Reservation. Decentralised Finance will become a vehicle to Freedom for the individual.