We would like to thank you in taking interest in our project.

Before you acquire some of the GMD Tokens we would like to remind you of the following:

We do not encourage Money-laundering or other financial criminal activities.The GEOMA DAO is build for steady and constant growth. Pump and Dumps: are out of the question . The GMD Token gives you proposal and voting rights within the Network.The GMDS Token,which will be released in accordance to the needs of the DAOs Projects,gives you ownership.

The GMD Token is build as an ERC-20  Utility Token.The Token Contract can be  seen: HERE


Wallets :



  • Browser Extension Wallet
  • Brings Ethereum to your browser

  • Ethereum's Original Wallet
  • MyEtherWallet is open-source and free to the community.

  • Secure Multi Coin Wallet for Android and iOS
  • Trust Wallet is now the official cryptocurrency wallet of Binance.
Saturn Wallet

  • Saturn Wallet is a browser extension
  • Provides full support to manage your custom ERC20 or token.